Build direct and meaningful connections through our ad exchange

Explore the best-in-class programmatic solutions perfectly made for publishers and advertisers.

Connecting the best demand
with the right inventory.

For Publishers

Boost your monetization with our exclusive demand

Take advantage of our long-term relationships with agencies and advertisers. Plus, use our AI algorithms to improve your monetization by finding the most profitable campaign for your site and ensuring transparency throughout the process.

For advertisers

Reach out to your best-fit audience successfully

Discover high-quality inventory and connect efficiently with the right audience. Our first-look feature makes your bid the publisher's first buying choice and our strategically located data centers reduce response time.

Why us?

Exclusive demand

Gain access to exclusive deals thanks to our direct connections with advertisers and agencies.

Quality supply

Make the most of a high-quality and compliant inventory, optimized supply paths, and safer and direct connections.

Fast and easy implementation

Connect quickly and easily to our ad exchange platform, Our specialized team will have your back throughout the whole process.

Worldwide data center coverage

USA, EMEA, and APAC data centers grant faster connections. E-Planning is serving over 600 billion ad requests monthly.

Discover our omnichannel exchange

At E-Planning, we work with all types of devices and formats at scale. We have a specialized team ready to help you with:


Unlock revenue growth and better ad performance with display, video, and rich media inventory on desktop or mobile.

Mobile App

Use different formats that improve publishers’ monetization while making impactful connections with audiences.


Embrace one of the latest programmatic trends with our cutting-edge technology solutions and TV inventory.

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