E-Planning for Buyers

Reach out to your audience at the right time and place

Let your brand meet the right audience

Need to scale? We have the tools. Need to ensure your brand appears in safe environments? We have the solutions. Need support? We have the team. Delve into what we can do for you.


What makes us your best match?

Broad formats and screen options

Embrace different trendy formats. From in-app options for more flexibility to CTV to meet your audience outside regular devices.

Strengthened targeting

Enjoy granular segmentation with different targeting criteria. Choose what’s best to reach out to your customers successfully.

Improved optimization

Gain key data in real-time and insights to boost your campaign performance across impactful channels and formats.

Customized support

Get help when you need it. We have a special team that’ll bring you custom support and highlight opportunities for your brand.

Fraud Prevention

Grow in a brand-safe and fraud-free environment

Safe ad spaces. Real audiences. No overpricing. That’s guaranteed. We’re certified by TAG and leave no room for invalid traffic.

Quality Inventory

Access to high-quality inventory with preferred agreements

Participate in private auctions, find preferred deals, and be your best publisher’s first choice with our Private Marketplace.




We do cookie matching, we can save the IDs and we have integration with external IDs like UID 2.0, Lotame Panorama ID, RampID, SharedID, ID5.


Buying priority

We have direct agreements with publishers that allow us to have buying priority over other sources of demand.


2.X compliant

We are openrtb compatible with versions from 2.3 to 2.6

Let your ads reach their best audience with our fast and safe programmatic solution.