Multiple clickTag variables in an ad


In the Flash clickTag implementation document instructions are given on how to program a Flash ad so that e-planning can count clicks on it. In this document, we explain how to implement an ad with multiple destination URLs.


Sometimes ads have many click areas which go to different destination URLs. By following this instructions, all the click areas will redirect the user to the destination URL and e-planning will be able to count the click action on all of them.


Programming the Flash ad

To program the ad, follow the instructions on Flash clickTag for the main click area. For the other areas, use the same instructions, but change the variable name to clickTag2, clickTag3, clickTag4, etc. So, instead of:

on (release) {
getURL(_root.clickTag, "_blank");


on (release) {
getURL(_root.clickTag2, "_blank");

for the second click area, clickTag3 for the third, etc.

Uploading the ad into e-planning

When adding the ad to a campaign inside e-planning, you must enter the main click URL. Next to it you will find an Add another one butto. By clicking on it you will be able to add a second click URL (clickTag2), and a new button will be displayed, in order to add a third one, and so on.

Counting and reports

Even though each clickTag variable can redirect the user to different URLs, e-planning counts all clicks as one. In the reports, clicks are associated to the ad itself and there is no way to distinguish clicks on the different click areas.


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