Massive upload of Spaces

It is possible to make a massive upload of spaces importing a .CSV file.

This document explains the steps you should follow in order to upload spaces in a massive way.

In order to do this, it is necessary to download the Spaces Database Template from here

In the sheet Spaces you must fill in the rows as indicated in it.

Once the form is filled, you must remove all the rows that don`t have data from the spaces as well as eliminate from the first row up to the tenth inclusively.

Once this has been done, the file must be saved with extension .csv. In order to do this click on File > Save as... and in type of file, select Text CSV (.csv).

A pop up will appear where you will be asked for both, the row delimiter: choose Tab and the text delimiter: no delimiter must be chosen.

If this pop doesn't appear or you can't choose the delimiters, save it and open it with a text processor such as Note Pad and change the text deleting the inverted commas or putting tabs, etc, so that each line has a format like the following:

Site Zone Space INVISIBLE

Once all the modifications are made, you must enter the interface. In the Spaces label, you will find the Import link. Search for the .csv file that was generated and then select if the spaces should open the click on new window.

If you have any trouble or have any doubt, don't hesitate to communicate with the technical support area.


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