Implementation of button layer

The layer to button format is a Flash creativity that shows in a layer, and once the animation finishes, it locates inside the website as a common Flash banner. There are two ways of uploading a layer to button inside e-planning. The first and most simple one is using just one creativity, a flash that contains the layer and the button or fix banner. The second one is with two creativities, one of the layer and another of the banner. In both cases it is important to consider that the banners must be published in Flash to obtain the .swf file in version 6 o 7. We recommend not to use the function gotoAndPlay. Instead of it, you can use nextFrame() and prevFrame().

Information for the layer to button in one creativity (recommended)


The requirements to implement this format in one creativity are the following:

It must have a closing button in the layer, that not only has to go to the corresponding frame of the fix banner, but also it must have the following ActionScript code:

When the layer animation ends, the animation must also go to the corresponding frame of the fix banner and have the previous ActionScript code:

The button must be located on the left superior margin of the Flash animation.

Implementation at e-planning
  1. Click on "add ad"
  2. Choose "banner flash" type
  3. Complete the information asked
  4. Click on "Edit ad attributes"
  5. Choose on Display effect "layer to button"
  6. Complete the width and high of the fix banner or button
  7. Indicate the position in which the layer must show

File example to download: fla - swf


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