How to paste html code in a site


e-planning is an ad-server that integrates with any web site, no matter the programming language used or the web server's software. The way of integrating it is through the inclusion in the web site of tags as IMG, IFRAME or SCRIPT, that make reference to the e-planning servers. Their working is not different from any other remote ad server.

Getting the code

In e-planning's spaces link you can obtain the code from any of the spaces created. There are different types of codes, according to the tag used: Javascript, IFRAME, Flash detector, etc. We recommend you to use the Javascript code, since it allows to serve every type of banner. Inside the Javascript code there are two versions: with and without code to avoid caching. The difference lies in that the first one includes an additional code that generates an aleatory number to avoid the banners to be stored in proxy servers or local copies of computers. For this reason we recommend to paste the tag that includes the code to avoid caching. In another case, the registred impresions by e-planning will be inferior to the real ones.

Insersion of the code

e-planning generates a code for each space. Each code is independent from others and you can paste more that one code in the same page without problems. Nevertheless, if you wish to use the functionalities of competitive campaigns and companion spaces, you must do a modification to the code if you are going to paste several in the same page. Here are both options:

Just one code per page

Simply paste the code you obtained from e-planning without making any changes. You should paste the code in a position of the web page considering that images will be shown there. If you had already used another ad server, the task is simple since you will only have to replace the codes from the previous ad server in the same position. If you did not use any ad server but already have fix banners in your site, replace the IMG tags that load this banners with the codes generated by e-planning.

More than a code per page

To paste more than one code per page you must consider the following: each code generated by e-planning includes a random number. If you paste more than one code on the same page, the random code must be the same in every case. This is a Javascript code generated by e-planning:

To include more than one code in the same page you must remove the line that starts with var rnd of each code and paste it only once in the <HEAD> section of the page. Example:

e-planning has no restrictions on the amount of spaces to generate or the amount of traffic. The e-planning servers are redundant and are constantly being updated. The use of resources is always less than 35% to be able to stand sudden traffic increases.


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