How to send Google and Youtube tags

e-planning has already certified with Google Content Network, YouTube, Google Ad Manager and Dart For Publishers for all regions.
This document explains how to send and implement the codes correctly

How to send these codes

In order to access these codes, you should go to Spaces label / list / There, choose the space where the ad is associated / and click on Html code.

In Tag Type option, choose:

"Javascript for Google Content Network/GAM": This code is used when ads are uploaded in Google Content Network/Google Ad Manager.

"Javascript for DART for Publishers/YouTube": This code is used when ads are uploaded in DART for Publishers/YouTube


If you wish to implement a campaign in Google content network or You Tube, you should send e-planning tags to Google team.
On the other hand if the implementation is in a site that uses Google ad manager or Dart for publishers, the site should enter its online platform and select "Custom" when choosing the type of format.
Once e-planning tag is pasted in the "creative code" field, select the Rule set "e-Planning (Certified DFP Vendor)".
Click on submit and the Rule Set will edit e-planning tags automatically.


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