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Glossary of terms

In e-planning we use IAB standard terms through out products and documentation. We include here a definition of the most frequently used terms. You can find a full list at IAB's Glossary of Interactive Advertising Terms.

ad located in a web sites. ads can be grouped into 2 big categories: in-page and over-the-page. In-page ads are those banners displayed within the web site's page, whereas over-the-page ads are displayed either in a new window (pops) or in a layer over the content.
ad click
the act of click on an ad. Usually after clicking the user is redirected to the advertiser's web site.
ad impression
the act of sending an ad to a user's browser.
ad server
software that delivers ads in a web site.
organization that buys an online ad campaign.
Online marketing campaign composed of a number of ads and targeted to a number of sites.
Click URL
URL where the user is redirected after clicking on an ad.
CPA (cost per acquisition)
CPA campaigns are useful when the advertiser sells a product on the web and wants to pay a percentage of his incoming to publishers that deliver traffic.
CPC (cost per click)
Cost per click. One of the ways of selling online campaigns. Advertisers pay every time a user clicks on one of their ads.
CPM (cost per mille)
CPM campaigns have a fixed number of impressions. Cost is quoted on 1,000 impressions.
CTR (click-through rate)
The ratio of clicks to impressions. If a campaign has 5 clicks and 100 impressions, its CTR is 5%.
Language used to create web sites.
Space in a web site's page where ads are displayed. e-planning ad server spaces can have fixed or variable dimensions.
Area of a web site which includes 1 or more spaces.
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