Peering Policy

Peering with AS399668

We are a content provider and rely on stable connections with short roundtrip times, so we have an open peering policy. We will peer with the route servers on every Exchange where we are present. Having regional prefix exchange policy, IPv4/6 prefixes are different on most locations. We use DNS to direct incoming traffic to our closest PoP. To initiate a peering request, email and include your NOC contact information, AS number, IP addresses, requested peering points, maximum advertised prefixes, and MD5 password (optional).

Peering information:

-ASN: 399668
-Peering DB URL:
-Recommended max IPv4 prefixes: 20
-Recommended max IPv6 prefixes: 10
-MD5: optional
-Peering contact:
-NOC email:
-For an updated list of peering points, check out our PeeringDB entry
-RPKI: we sign all our own routes and we will drop RPKI invalid routes.