Solutions for Agencies

Maximize the ROI
of the advertising investment of your clients

e-planning is a tool designed to facilitate the management and maximization of the results of online campaigns of your clients. You will be able to make work in the agency easier and more effective, as e-planning places planning, management, and analysis tools at your disposal to help grow the ROI of your clients' advertising investments.

It allows innovative, attractive and interactive marketing campaigns to be carried out on the website, with measurable results, all in a transparent environment where your clients will be able to follow the performance of their advertising investments in real time.

In addition, you will be able to manage the advertising campaigns of various clients on the same platform through multiple media, facilitating the management of change, and the analysis and comparison of results.

Business Administration

e-planning is a tool designed to provide support to your business. With simple and intuitive navigation, your team will be able to enlist media, manage campaigns and creatives, register prices and discounts, extracting tags and tracking URLs and sending them to media running the campaigns.

The system allows multiple users access to the interface, with different levels of permission for security and viewing of information. Each client can be given individual access for the real-time tracking of their campaigns.

In addition, for every action made by ad server operators a record is made, allowing the analysis of the history of additions, deletions and modifications to the system, thus facilitating the management and monitoring of teams.

The system includes the possibility to connect via APIs, which allows you to easily integrate the ad server with other technological solutions used in your business, such as CRMs and Billers.

More information

  • Unlimited storage: without restrictions in number of campaigns, spaces, banners and sections.
  • Easy interaction with other ad servers: tags can easily be exchanged with other ad serves. Our tags follow IAB standards to facilitate interaction with third-party systems.
  • Security: access controls and auditing of all actions undertaken via the interface.
  • History of Actions: records of registrations, deletions and modifications within the campaings specified by operator, date and time.
  • API: availability of automatic connection to the database to be able to perform queries, run reports or automate certain tasks (such as site and campaigns registration).

Installation and Support

Our ASP solution does not require the installation of software. Submit tags (HTML code, javascript references) to different media environments running campaigns and our tool will take charge of serving banners as required. Access is by means of an intuitive web interface.

We offer support and consultancy on a permanent basis and by the hand of a team of specialists in ad server tools.

More information

  • Without installation: does not require installation of software - the application resides in servers localized at the nearest possible points to the location in question, so as to optimize response times.
  • Access: easy and intuitive through an interface website.
  • Languages Available: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian, Arabic and German.
  • Version Upgrade: updates are sent every 45 days and have no additional cost for customers.
  • Users and Security: multiple users, with different security and information viewing permission levels.
  • SSL Security: all data travels through the web encrypted.
  • Support: technical support from 10AM to 2AM (GMT) by telephone, chat or via a Tickets system.
  • Consultancy and Training: for the initial implementation of the tool, customized training, quarterly product clinics for the presentation and monitoring of new functionalities.

Optimized Campaign Delivery

Guarantees a maximum coverage of the campaigns through the use of frequencies, allows synergized media purchasing between different advertisers in your client portfolio.

There are options for creative customized delivery by day and time, impacting on the audience at the right moment.

Allows the definition of frequencies by user, per day, week and month; at a campaign, creative and format level. In this way, the recurrence and saturation of advertising can be controlled, making the results of online campaigns more effective.

Apply sophisticated optimization schemes by campaign type, maximizing the results in terms of branding, awareness, interaction and conversion. Allows post-click tracking campaigns, and post click optimization.

More information

  • Priorities and Weights: manage the relative frequency with which campaigns share the same space.
  • Distribution criteria: allows the definition of different alternatives for the distribution of actions - uniform, as soon as possible, or at daily or hourly intervals.
  • Deals with multiple campaign types: CPM, CPC, CPA and Sponsor.
  • Admits competitive campaigns: not shown simultaneously.
  • Admits complementary campaigns: banners shown at the same time on one page.
  • User frequencies: limits the number of views per user and session, in intervals of hours, days, weeks, months, or the total duration of the campaign or group of campaigns.
  • Supports groups of campaigns: related by advertisers, campaign type or ad format.
  • Total control of the campaign: with the ability to modify, suspend or resume campaigns in real time.
  • Automatic optimization of banners: showing most successful banners most frequently.
  • Optimization by objectives: the system calculates which banner performs best in terms of space divided by the monetary objective, and automatically refines display criteria for each position.

Attractive Formats

e-planning simplifies the management of all formats in a single solution, as it supports standard image, flash, text, rich media and interactive formats.

In an ongoing effort to provide effective solutions, we have designed a templates gallery so that our customers have creative ideas and new alternatives available at their fingertips.

More information

  • Banner Registration: can be stored on our servers or can be referenced from another URL.
  • Sizes: Supports all standard sizes, customized dimensions can also be specified.
  • Supported formats: images (GIF, JPG, PNG), flash, videos, Java applets, Rich Media, HTML, text.
  • Banner Types Supported: classical, pop-ups, pop-unders, fixed and mobile flash, applets, and HTML banners, clicks conting on Newsletters, among others. Clicks can also be opened in the same or in a new window.
  • Total Control of code: ability to modify banner attributes (onMouseOver, onMouseOut, ALT, among others.
  • Support of non-standard banners: entering the complete HTML code.
  • Simplified interaction with other ad servers: the burden of tagging is done via a wizard.
  • The templates used to serve banners can be modified.
  • Effects by banner type: configurable effects from the platform such as expansion, opacity, appearance options on the screen, background, duration, among others.


e-planning boasts powerful technological segmentation tools, Cookie and Behavioral Targeting to reach your audiences with an effective and customized message.

Campaigns can be configured according to numerous options such as weekly or hourly viewing time ranges, country, state and city of the user, service provider (ISP), operating system, browser, demographics, tastes and preferences, previous navigation patterns, among others.

More information

  • Technological Segmentation:
    • by country and city of user
    • by network and Internet provider
    • by language, browser and operative system of user
    • by key word (contextual)
    • by zip or telephone code (only available in United States and Canada)
  • Segmentation by User Data:
    • demographics
    • preferences and tastes
    • customers vs non-customers
  • Behavioral Targeting: Targeting previous navigation patterns.

Planning and Metrics

In e-planning you will find variety of reports and metrics updates in real-time to decisions more efficient.

Reports relating to overlapping audiences will help you evaluate the performance of each of the media that integrate the plan, and in turn, compare results.

Benefit from up-to-date information throughout the entire campaign process, from the impression to the conversion stage, this will allow you to make decisions based on real and complete statistics.

Provides standard and advanced reports that can be viewed online as charts and data tables, or exported for analysis with any spreadsheet.

More information

  • Multiple interfaces: providing access for the agency with all interface possibilities, and for websites and advertisers, just reading of their reports.
  • Updates in Real Time.
  • Powerful pre-configured reports, the application has more than 3000 predefined reports.
  • Configurable reports, to be able to design your own reports and save them as favorites.
  • Multiple information views: reports are displayed as data tables or graphics.
  • Exporting: all reports are exportable to spreadsheets and PDF files.
  • Global metrics: CTR by site, section, space, group, or format; overlapping of audiences, total unique users of the network and by website; monthly revenue, eCPM by site, section and space.
  • Campaign Metrics: CTR for campaign or format; impressions, clicks, coverage and frequency by campaign or group of campaigns and adverts; Performance by day and time.
  • Metric Conversion: the number of conversions, items and amounts.
  • Rich Media Metrics: interaction metrics, exposure time, expansion/contraction, viewing of videos, among others.