Epl Metrics

e-planning Metrics is a powerful user behavior measurement tool for websites.

e-planning Metrics sees to register and to analyze his users' details.

Features and Benefits

  • Without installation: our solution does not require the installation of any software on the website. In order to work, HTML references are placed on the website and our tool automatically registers and analyses.
  • Reports 24 x 7: reports are available in real time, you are not required to wait until the end of a set period to analyze what is happening with your website.
  • Easy access: access to e-planning Metrics is carried out by means of an intuitive web interface.
  • Multiple ways of visualizing and analyzing details: reports are presented as data tables or graphs and charts that can be exported to spreadsheets for their subsequent analysis.
  • Updated reports of user navigation trends: automatically make available updated reports that allow us to validate website users: by country and city, language of the user, operating systems and web browsers used.