DSM Direct Sales Manager

DSM is a simple, customized platform that allows the management of online advertising without a sales force, creating a new sales channel for media focused on small and medium advertisers.

DSM is a module within the set of solutions for Publishers and Networks, but is itself a product that can be hired independently.

Features and benefits

  • Introduces new sales channels for Publisher or Network business.
  • Expand the product supply to commercially exploit the remaining inventory.
  • Generates more revenue from the addition of new customers and more sales.
  • Affords wider coverage to sales, as it is both possible and profitable to sell publicity to small advertisers.
  • Generates a customer base which is the property of the media company.
  • Provides full control of business variables, given that the media company defines the products that it wants to sell, the price and the customers that publish ads on their sites.
  • Provides promotional tools and incentives to publicize products and so that customers can test the platform.