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» I can't install Ad Magic builder

Ad Magic Builder was developed to work with Adobe Flash, we strongly recommend to have at least this version, for its proper operation. Furthermore you ought to have the Adobe extension Manager, to start with the installation process.

» Ad Magic Builder doesn't appear in the components' panel

Please make sure that Ad Magic Builder has been properly installed in the AEManager and that the Adobe Flash's language matches the installation you made of AM Builder. Keep in mind that AMB was designed to work with ActionScript 2.0. The add-ons, won't be actives in other kind of files.

» My piece doesn't show "traces" during the testing stage

Please check that the debug option is activated in the "Format" add-on. Also check that the output tab is activated in your Flash workspace.

» My piece doesn't work in other Ad Servers

Ad Magic Builder was designed to work with e-planning. This only contains functionality to run over this platform.
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