In this page you can check whether you have an active e-planning cookie, and if you wish, opt out from e-planning cookie tracking.

e-planning uses cookies to identify each user and then enforce frequency caps on campaigns. If you opt out you will not stop viewing ads from e-planning. The only difference will be that e-planning will not be able to identify you as the same user each time you are served ads.

The opt out process works by setting a cookie with value OPTOUT, and replacing your user ID, if there was any. This way, every time you browse web sites with ads served by e-planning, your browser will send the OPTOUT value to e-planning, indicating that you do not wish to be identified or tracked. If you delete cookies from your browser, you will have to carry out the opt out process again. If you use more than one browser in your computer, you must perform the opt out process once for each browser. Moreover, is is necessary that your browser accepts third party cookies in order for the opt out process to work.

Cookie status

Server Status Opt-out
ads.e-planning.net ads cookie check
ads.us.e-planning.net ads cookie check

If you want to opt out click on the checkbox next to the server's name and then press the Opt-out button.