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    The dimension of the assets is not fixed or mandatory. Standard options are presented in the examples, which may change depending on what is required.
    The pushdown banner pushes down the website content when it expands, unlike the rollover banner that expands over the website, hiding the content that is behind.
    Most of the formats can be implemented according to the Publisher’s needs. The examples shown are some standard suggestions but they are not mandatory.
    A video can be included in any of the formats. It should not be embedded in the flash file; instead the location of the video should be indicated. The location must be only one frame long. Please follow the instructions on “how to submit a video” click here
    There are no specific limits. However, a length of 7 to 10 seconds, 30 seconds maximum, is highly recommended so the video is entirely watched by the users.
    The assets must be set up in flash version 8 or above.
    Every asset must be programmed with ActionScript 2 (ActionScript 3 is not accepted)
    All typographies must be converted into vector drawings.
    When the material is sent, the click-through area should be indicated as well as its corresponding URL in order for the Rich Media support team to put it together when programming.
    They are custom metrics for counting measures other than the default metrics of every format. For further information, check the documents available. click here
    They do not require metrics programming. The files should be uploaded directly to the interface where they are programmed automatically.
    Common sizes in Smartphones:
    Vertical: 320x50 PX / Horizontal: 480x80 PX / Full screen: 300x416 PX

    Common sizes in Tablets:
    Vertical: 768x90 PX / Horizontal: 1024x90 PX / Full screen: 768x900
    Jpg, png, gif, html and mp4. Mobile devices do not support flash.
    on codes implementation and mobile segmentation click here
    It is used for displaying ads in video players. VAST is a standardization in the communication between Ad servers and Video Players in XML.
    VPAID is standardization in the communication between flash assets and Video players that improves substantially the interaction possibilities of the ad. It is possible to identify from the platform if an SWF has been programmed with vpaid.
    The ads are uploaded directly from the interface. The ad metrics are sent automatically in our vast response in xml. The player should be able to decode all the metrics to show readable data in the reports.
    Weight: It is recommended to upload videos up to 2 MB.
    Dimensions: check your player. It is best to keep the proportions of the video box.
    on codes implementation, ads uploads and vpaid click here